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Our Vision

Our vision for our members is to evoke a feeling. A feeling of connection to the charities we support, a feeling of pride for the impact we make and a feeling of fulfillment in achieving individual and collective philanthropic goals.


Our Mission

Our mission is to build a steady stream of income that can forge tremendous change. We are creating a community, united in supporting and engaging with thoughtfully selected charities. We want to rethink the way donors interact with charities and how relationships are built whilst supporting causes that resonate with our community.

Image by Antonio Janeski

Our Model

Members contribute toward the charities in our portfolio with every penny going directly to those charities. The Tides Foundation gives members an opportunity to interact with these charities and develop their network through our community.


Charities We Support


A Multi-Channel advice service built to support the physical and mental wellbeing of under 25's in the UK.


 Empowering young people most at risk of being unemployed to gain confidence, independence, and skills they need for a brighter future.


Camp Simcha makes a difference by bringing hope, joy and support to families devastated by serious childhood illness.

The Trustees

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Theo Azouz

Aron Azouz

Lia Azouz

Matthew Perlman

We came together to establish The Tides Foundation as we felt disillusioned with the charitable interactions we were having and the difficulty in measuring our impact. We all have varying occupations and interests ranging from commodities to holistic health and have employed these diverse elements and networks to build the Tides community. We cannot wait to see what this community can accomplish together


The Tides Foundation commits to supporting charities whose dreams and ambitions are aligned with an efficient administrative framework and acute financial operations.

Our events will look and feel very different to a stereotypical charity affair. Tides will host two exclusive events every year for our founding members and provide a variety of opportunities to engage at a deeper level with the charities in our portfolio.

We believe that we can all make a difference if we come together and pool our resources. Let’s create change by giving more, better and smarter. 


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